Er bestaan veel ‘borrel-verhalen’ rond Chiropractie. De meeste daarvan zijn gewoon niet waar of worden zwaar overdreven. In dit artikel de meest gestelde vragen en de eerlijke antwoorden. Heb je hierna nog vragen, neem dan gerust even contact op met Chiropractie Westland!

What is Chiropractic?

Chiropractic is a natural, drug free way to keep your body functionaing at an optimal level!

Your nervous system controls every function in your body – consciously or unconsciously. If this function is impaired in any way, this places a stress upon your body. Chiropractors remove this interference in the nervous system which prevents your body from functioning at it’s best. When the nervous system functions better your body is more balanced with less stress.


Misaligned spinal bones (vertebrae) that affect your nerves, are very common. They can affect your balance, spinal health, posture, resistance to disease and internal organ health (including your brain).

Although there is no clear research to indicate the presence of vertebral subluxations. Chiropractors use this term frequently to identify joints in the spine that are not moving well and creating decreasing function in the nervous sytem.

What conditions do Chiropractors “treat”?

Chiropractors do not treat “conditions” – instead they work on restoring and improving function to the nervous system so you can move and opperate better. Think of a healthy spine as you would good nutrition: important for general health but especially necessary if you are suffering from any disease or condition.

Remember: you can always benefit from a healthy spine no matter what your health status. Help awaken you “inner doctor” by getting a Chiropractic spinal check-up and adjustment.

What causes the sound of an adjustment?

Not all adjusting techniques are associated with “popping” sound. Some create no sound at all, some a little. Many techniques do however create a sound of spinal release. What causes it?

The sound is caused by a gas rushing in to fill the partial vacuum created when the joints are slightly separated during the Chiropractic adjustment.

Is Chiropractic safe?

Absolutely. When compared to other forms of medical care the scientific evidence is pretty clear on its saftey. Chiropractors also pay very little malpractice insurance as compared to their medical counterparts.

Do Chiropractors believe in medicine and surgery?

CERTAINLY! There are times when intervention in the form of medicine or surgery is absolutely necessary.

Can I go to the Chiropactor if I am under medical care?

Yes! Having your nervous system functioning at its best is very important! No matter what type of health care you are receiving. Today many Chiropractors and medical doctors are working closely together and on joint research projects. Medical doctors are quite likely to have patients who are under Chiropractic care. Infact, many medical doctors themselves visit a Doctor of Chiropractic themselves.

Better health? Reduce your stress.

The secret of health and happiness lies in successful adjustment to the ever changing conditions on this planet! The penalties for failure in this great process of adaptation are disease and unhappiness… many common diseases are largely due to errors in our adaptive response… many nervous and emotional disturbances, high blood pressure, gastric and duodenal ulcers, and certain types of sexual, allergic, cardiovascular, and renal derangements appear to be ….. DISEASES OF ADAPTATION!

(Hans Selye, Nobel Prize Winner – Pathologist)

Can a person who has had back surgery see a Chiropractor?

YES. Chiropractic helps the body to adapt to it’s environment and cope with the structural changes within the body after surgery more efficiently. Your Chiropractor will take special care to apply techniques that are safe and effective for those whom have had back surgery.

In fact Chiropractic care should be considered before and after your surgery as it is a great way to make sure the spinal column is functioning at its best.

If I am not sick should I still see a Chiropractor?

YES. Symptoms are not the best way to judge your health as subluxations can be painless. Symptoms sometimes appear long after the body has begun to malfunction.

For optimal spinal health, it is recommended that you receive a regular spinal check-up to minimise the effects of the nervous system not functioning at its optimum.