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What are orthotics

Synonyms for orthotics include inlays, inlays or correction soles.

Insoles support the joints, ligaments and capsules of the foot.

The word insoles has a negative sound as we remember the use of hard materials such as steel or aluminum.

At that time there was not enough experience and research on the use of orthotics. The techniques were not as perfect as today.

Fitting techniques, materials and manufacturing methods are now at a high level.  Currently there is a diverse choice in fashionable shoe insoles models that can be worn without any problems.

Inlay of insoles are made of several engineered thermoplastics using vacuum technology. The materials used are carefully tailored to your feet and have a high comfort.

The insoles can:

It is normal symptoms may occur ranging from fatigue, muscle pain or aching feet when you start wearing your orthotics. In some cases, symptoms worsen temporarily.

Active Foot Support Orthotics provides a solution to these problems by using automated Maxx Foot pressure patterns and objective analysis that will determine the need for custom orthotics (insoles) for preventive and / or corrective care.

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