Enkele resultaten van onderzoeken over de vraag waarom Chiropractie is zo belangrijk voor je gewrichten. De teksten zijn in Engels, hopelijk zal dat geen problemen opleveren.

Does Early Joint Trauma Lead to Osteoarthritis?

Annals of Internal Medicine 2000 (Sep 5); 133 (5): 321–328
This page describes the increased risk of oateoarthritis following trauma, then reveals that surgery also increases that risk, and goes on to suggest that those risks can be reduced with conservative chiropractic care.

Cervical Spine Trauma

R. C. Schafer, DC, PhD, FICC and ACAPress
The cervical spine provides structural stability and support for the cranium, and a flexible and protective column for movement and balance adaptation, along with housing of the spinal cord and vertebral arteries. It also allows for directional orientation of the eyes and ears. Nowhere in the spine is the relationship between the osseous structures and the surrounding neurologic and vascular beds as intimate or subject to disturbance as it is in the cervical region. Whether induced by trauma or not, cervical subluxation syndromes may be reflected in total body habitus. IVF insults, and the effects of articular fixations can manifest throughout the motor, sensory, and autonomic nervous systems. Many peripheral nerve symptoms in the shoulder, arm, and hand will find their origin in the cervical spine, as may numerous brainstem disorders.